Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Brainstorming: Math Team Scorekeeper

The local high school math team competition has a new scoring system that is more troublesome than the math problems themselves.  Out of up to ten competitors per school they must select the top four that score the highest over three events.  The top scores are obviously changing after every event and it is hard to keep track of how each school is doing.  Many have tried to input all the data into an excel sheet and compute the top four scorers, but this has been complicated and troublesome to do.  They could use an easy to use program that allows scores to be input for each competitor after each event and even save data from past events.

System Specifications
  • User friendly GUI allowing competitors scores to be input for each school
  • Efficient sorting algorithm that keeps track of the top four scores and lists them in order
  • Ability to save and display data from past events for future strategizing
  • Saves time and trouble for math teachers and other volunteers
  • Allows a school to get an edge on the competition with extra data
  • Cool way to support my old high school

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