Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Brainstorming: Programming Challenges Assistant

It is difficult for new students to get familiar with the Programming Challenges (CSCI 3106) class at HPU and prepare for the upcoming competition.  There are not many good sources of information easily available for students to really get started in solving problems.  They are forced to rely on the guidance of the professor and former competitors.  The veteran competitors eventually graduate and the wisdom they have accumulated is lost.  Newcomers are left on their own and must recreate all of the algorithms that their upperclassmen may have already figured out.  They do not have a good system for figuring out what problems to practice or how to even test their code for a good solution.

System Specifications
  • A database of all past contest problems with sample solutions and hints for each problem
  • A friendly interface for submitting source code and testing for correct solution
  • Problems must be sorted into difficulty levels and categories
  • Friendly interface for students to keep track of problems they have solved and what areas they should work
  • A global scoreboard to see who has solved the most problems for fun and bragging rights
  • Automatic practice contest creator that selects problems of various difficulty that you haven't solved yet
  • Great way to get more people involved in programming challenges
  • Easy to use tool to help new students learn and for veterans to practice more
  • Stronger programming team for HPU
  • Less work required for professor and upperclassmen

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