Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Interview Plan: Mckinley Math Team

I'm pretty excited to be able to implement this idea and help out my Alma mater.  The math team coach with whom I would be meeting with was previously my calculus teacher.  I have visited him a few times recently so this interview will be somewhat casual, although we will be there to get work done and get this project started.  Here is a draft of our plan:


Objective of Interview
-Determine the main pet peeves (mainly data that needs to be calculated and recorded manually) in the math team and figure out whether we can develop some technology to help them

Date, Time, and Location
-To be determined

User Participants (names and titles/positions)
-Jon Furukawa, Math team head coach and instructor at Mckinley High School

Project Team Participants
-Kevin Goo


1. During math meets how is the score keeping currently done?
2. What is the actual algorithm for computing someone's score?
3. Can we provide a system to make it easier?
4. Is there valuable information that should be saved?
5. What other tasks need to be done, perhaps not during the meet but at practices?
6. Can we provide functionalities to help train new students?


Important decisions or answers to questions
- Refer to notes taken
Open items not resolved with assignments for solution
- Refer to notes taken

Date and time of next meeting or follow-up session
-To be determined

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